If turkey is the
main event at
your  table,
doesn’t it make
sense to
choose a range
fed one...it's
the healthier
Harvest Hill Farm Market ~ Rte. 26  5 Harvest Hill way ~  Mechanic Falls, ME ~ 207-998-5485
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Natural range fed turkeys  are far superior to
those raised commercially.

Our turkeys are NOT FED growth hormones,
antibiotics or other drugs that many
commercial producers use.
Range Fed Turkey is Best!
True Range Fed is Better for Your Family.

All of our live stock, including our turkeys and chickens,
are raised  in a true free-range environment where they
get plenty of sunshine, fresh air, and room to exercise. It's
proven through agricultural studies that foraging,
free-range poultry produces healthier, meatier birds with
more muscle and less fat.

How Big a Turkey Do I Need?
To figure out how big of a turkey you need for this
holiday, estimate that each guest will eat about 1.5
pounds*, and then round up.
For example
8 guests:
8 guests x 1.5lbs. = 12
Your turkey should weigh at least 12 lbs..

13 guests:
13 guests x 1.5lbs. = 19.5.
Your  turkey should weigh at least 20lbs.
*The 1.5 pounds per person allows for leftovers for those
delicious turkey sandwiches!
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