Welcome to Pumpkin Land
. Pumpkin Land is Maine’s largest Fall “Agritainment Venue”. We have designed it for the young
and the young at heart. The theme is, of course, Pumpkins. However there is a plethora of
Halloween themed activities, rides, inflatable bounce houses, visits to the pumpkin
patch and much, much more for families with small children to enjoy during their visit.

Our Goal
Our number one goal at Pumpkin Land is to provide a fun and enjoyable autumn outdoor
experience for families with young children. To ensure that we reach our goal in 2015, our
maintenance and construction crews have been busy as beavers all summer making many
improvements upgrades and exciting additions to Pumpkin Land.

Memories and Pumpkins
As always, each child gets to pick out their very own fresh pumpkin grown right here at Pumpkin
Land. However the best thing that all our visitors will take home with them are the fond
memories of their day at Pumpkin Land.
*All photos courtesy of Harvest Hill Farms. ©2015 All Rights Reserved.
Pumpkin Land at Harvest Hill Farms
Rte. 26      125 Pigeon Hill Road
Mechanic Falls, Maine 04256
Pumpkin Land at Harvest Hill Farms ~ Rte. 26 ~ 125 Pigeon Hill Rd. ~ Mechanic Falls ~ ME 207-998-3259         GPS: 125 Pigeon Hill Road
Amazing Mazes for All Ages
This year we have added a fun activity to our kids size "Munchkin Maze" designed especially for
our young visitors to Pumpkin Land. Here the young children (OK, mom and Dad too) can have tons
of fun weaving their way through the maze. As they make their way through the Munchkin Maze,
they'll find stations where they can make rubbings of animal tracks. Once they create all the
rubbings, they can compare them to the Scene Tracks info panel (shown above) to find out what
animals their tracks rubbings belong to.  

The Big Corn Maze "Maine"Adventure
The second maze is our Big Corn Maze Adventure. It's BIGGER and BETTER this year. It's not
just a maze to wander through, it's an adventure in which you are shown a short intro video about
how the adventure works. Next you're given your game sheet. Then you're off to challenge other
teams in your group.  (The Big Corn Maze Adventure is not included in the Pumpkin Land general
admission.) For more info on Our Big Corn Maze Adventure...
.Click Here.

Hungry...Don't Worry, Be Happy
Don't worry about what to do when the munchies set in. We have plenty of options to handle your
hunger. The Caldron Café is the most popular stop for hungry Pumpkin Land visitors. Here you can
get our own Harvest Hill Farm tasty burgers, hand cut fresh French fries, Italian sausage with all
the spicy extras, chicken nuggets plus soda and bottled water.

You'll be able to get fresh hot pizza by the slice at the Caldron Cafe. All our
pizza is straight from the ovens at our
Farm House Pizza Shop in the big yellow
Farm house on Route 26.

For that sweet tooth, you'll want to stop in at the Sugar Shack for some Cotton Candy. Of course
the most popular flavor is Maple Sugar, which is our own Maple sugar as we operate several Maple
Sugar operations in the spring. If that's not enough we have several other food concessions that
sell hot dogs, fresh baked pastries and more!

The Air Cannons and Super -Size Sling Shots have become very popular over the last
couple years. Visitors load small pumpkins or apples into the sling shots or the air cannons
and fire them at the different targets and an old school bus that Pumpkin Land staff
moved into the “Pumpkin Land Firing range.

One of our most popular attractions is the "Giant Jumping Pillow". Kids of  all ages
love this new attraction. As you can see in the picture above, you can really "catch
some air" on the giant pillow. So be sure to put this attraction on your list of "Must
see and do"at Pumpkin Land this Fall season.
See you at Pumpkin land!
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Pumpkin Land has Closed
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Thank You for
a Busy Season.
See you
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