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Our packing house is located at 155 Norris
Hill Road in Monmouth, Maine.  

Our Mailing address is: P.0. Box 149,
West Poland,  Maine 04291

For more information about Maine Apple
Company or any of our products,
call 207-998-3350.
Our Product From the Honey Crisp apples that are grown in Cumberland County
to the McIntosh apples grown in Kennebec County, Maine Apple Company grows 8 varieties
of apples. Our 2009 crop produced 180,000 bushels.
A sweet, exceptionally crisp-textured apple rated superior to
McIntosh and Delicious for fresh eating. Excellent keeper.
Maine Apple Company is a Maine apple farm
with a rich growing tradition. With over 350
acres of apple orchards that stretch over 3
different counties in Maine, we harvest a
diverse variety of apples
Maine Apple Company
Nature's Best from Maine's Finest Orchards
Our Mission
Our mission is to grow, harvest and pack a
consistent, high quality pack suitable for the
premier supermarket chains in the North-
east. Currently we supply Hannaford, Shaws
and Roche Bros. Our orchards and the crews
tending to them are given all that they need
to ensure a bountiful, top quality harvest. No
corners are cut and we  hit everything head on
in order to guarantee the crop to be the best.
Maine Owned
Maine Apple Company is Maine owned and
operated by Peter and Kathie Bolduc,
who have been in the agriculture business
since 1993. In addition to the Maine Apple
Company, the Bolduc Family owns Harvest
Hill Farms and Farm Market, Pumpkin Land,
The Big Corn Maze Adventure and Re-
Harvest Recycling Company.
Honey Crisp
Extra crisp and sweet. An excellent all purpose apple but so good
to eat that we can never seem to spare any for cooking. Dark
purple with corners.
The most popular New England apple. If harvested and stored
well, it is tender-crisp and a delicious mixture of sweetness and
tartness, good for eating and cooking.
A favorite cooking apple which is also excellent for fresh eating. A
red apple, it has very white flesh that is slow to brown and so is a
good choice for salads.
Hard and sweet. The apple with the 6 bumps on the bottom.
Because it's taste improves in storage, it seems to be at its best in
time for Christmas. Good for fresh eating and salads. Not
recommended for cooking.
Red Delicious
Tart and tender, it is an early favorite. Eating quality is quite good.
Jersey Mac is a good choice for McIntosh lovers who are getting
impatient waiting for the Macs to ripen. With it's medium size and
beautiful appearance, it has a lot of appeal to kids, making it
another good choice for school lunches.
Jersey Macs
Empire apples have a sweet-tart taste that is ideal for eating and
salads but also great for sauce, baking, pies and freezing.  Stored
correctly they have a crunchy texture that kids love.
Good for fresh eating, pies and sauce. It's ready a week after
Jersey Mac. An early maturing red fall apple. It has a tart flavor
and keeps well.
Paula Reds

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