Sir Jeffrey, the supreme Spookmiester exrodinaire ,
has been working in his laboratory into the wee
hours of the night creating a new twist to the
Gauntlet Haunted Nightride. Not only has he stirred
up the spirits that exist in the deep dark reaches of
the forest, he has added a hole new dimension
to "things that jump and scream in the night".

If you are fortunate enough to survive the new twists
and turns of the Gauntlet, don't be looking to end the
Nightride with a well lit walk back to the safety of the
farm...not a chance...just when you think its's
not. The end of the ride is the beginning
of the next nightmare as you find yourself abandoned
in the dark of the night and have to find your way

Don't confuse the Haunted Night Maze with our Big
Corn Maze Adventure...they are two separate and
definitely not equal mazes. One is for fun and
adventure and one is for gut wrneching fear.

If your looking for an evening of haunting fun and
adventure,then reserve your spot any Friday or
Saturday night through the end of October online at and click on the ticket
icon on our Gauntlet web page. May the spirits be
with you!

Children 12 and under
must be accompanied by an adult.

It’s been reported by reliable sources that the “Lady in White”, the legendary ghost of
Route 26, ha sbeen reappearing in the dark of the night on a regular basis this Fall at
Harvest Hill Farms. The reason for the “regular” appearance of this apparition is that
she is part of the hauntings created by Jeff Strout, Spook Miester extraordinarie, on
the Gauntlet, a haunted night ride through the deep woods on the acreage of Harvest
Hill Farms on Route 26 in Mechanic Falls.

The Gauntlet is one of three Fall Halloween venues Peter Bolduc  operates at his
Route 26 location in Mechanic Falls. He started with the Big Corn Maze Adventure in
2008 and then added Pumpkin Land to the same location in 2009 after purchasing
the entire operation from Chipman Farms in Poland.

Since its inception thousands of thrill seekers have descended upon the Farm to
experience Maine’s premier haunted night ride. When you arrive at the farm you’ll
find plenty of free parking.  You can purchase your ticket at the ticket booth (which
opens at 6pm). Better yet you can purchase tickets online which puts you into the VIP
line which moves a lot quicker.  You then proceed to the staging area under the lights
next to the souvenir shop, smack-dab in the middle of Pumpkin Land.  Here you
board the hay wagons.

Once you board your wagon, the tractor driver chauffeurs you to the edge of the forest
and the lights of the staging area fade away and you enter into the total darkness of
the forest. As you travel slowly along the old logging road, deeper and deeper into the
forest as the darkness envelopes, you come upon the gates of the Gauntlet.

Once you pass through the Gates Gauntlet, if the gatekeeper let you pass,
there is no turning back.

The wagon continues creeping slowly into the darkness. Be ready…as there are spirits
and demons lurking around every corner. The demons tend to gather at certain
haunts deep in the forest, which unfortunately for those innocent souls aboard the
wagon, seem to be located along the logging road.

As mentioned, you will be visited by the infamous “Ghost of the Lady in White”.
One version of the story states that she was murdered on her wedding night
long ago and her spirit still roams the woods along Route 26 looking for a
ride to the wedding chapel.

Beware…as “The Lady in White” is only one of numerous haunts that you will
encounter on your journey through the dark of the night. For 2012 the Spookmiester
has created some new "twists and turns" to the Gauntlet.

In previous years the ride ended when you arrived at the end of the ride back at the
staging area...however now you will be dropped off in the middle of our new Haunted
Night Maze...and you have to find your way out of the maze...beware of things that go
bump in the night!

The Gauntlet Haunted Night Ride is open Friday and Saturday nights from dark to
11pm through the end of October. It will also be open Sunday October 7th of
Columbus Weekend. May the Spirits be with you!
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legend of the Lady in White
Harvest Hill Farms
Rte. 26  125 Pigeon Hill Rd.
Mechanic Falls, Maine 04256
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Sir Jeffrey the Spookmiester
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The Gauntlet opens the 2014 Season on Friday, Oct. 3, 2014

The Gauntlet Night Ride of Horror
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Gauntlet Night Ride
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All Ages
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