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Farmer Joe is Missing!
Farmer Joe is missing and we need your help to
find him. Word has it that he has been kidnapped
by one of the barnyard animals and the clues to
solve the mystery are hidden in the maze.

We Need Your Help
Before entering the maze, you will view a short
video in the Cob Theater to learn how you can help
us find Farmer Joe.

Farm Scene Investigation
You will become a Farm Scene Investigator and
make your way through the Maze to the 6 clue
stations. Using the clue book punch card provided,
at each clue station you'll get clues to help
you solve the mystery. Using the special paper punch,
you will eliminate suspects as you go along.

Earn Your Badge
Once you make it
through all six Farm
Scene Investigation
Stations and you solve
the mystery, you'll
become an official Farm Scene Detective and we'll award
you an official Farm Police Detective Badge!

Earn Rewards Too!
In addition to the 6 Farm Scene
Investigation clue stations, there are six
Reward Stations too! Each one of these
additional 6 stations have a "Reward"
for you from one of our Maze
sponsors. (See Re  

Teachers...Insert your Curriculum
in to the Maze Info Stations
The Big Corn Maze Adventure is a great way
for families, scouts, schools, youth groups,
and corporate parties to enjoy victory by
setting up teams and challenging each
other as to who can be the first to solve the
Mystery and find who kidnapped Farmer Joe

During the Weekdays Tuesday - Friday...
you can insert your own Clue Station Clues
and your own quest sheet to create your own
adventure. Our Maze Team will work with you to
set up your group visit, clues and quest sheet.

Contact, Pricing and Hours of Operation
Hotline:  General Info 207-998-3259
Location: Rt. 26, 125 Pigeon Hill Road,
Mechanic Falls, ME
Season: 9/15/2012 - 10/28/12

Hours: (Subject to change)
Opening Date: Sept. 14, 2013
Saturday and Sunday 11am to 6pm
Night Maze opens Friday Night October 4th
Friday night: Dark to 11pm
Saturday Night: Dark to 11pm

Bring your flashlights at night for
an amazing evening in the maze!!
Last Ticket Sold at 9:30pm for Night Maze                    

Adults and youth are all the same price: Only $8.00 per person

We offer 10% off our regular price on weekends for groups of 15 or more. Total price needs to
be paid as one payment at time of entry and all of the group enters at that time. Register your
group online.
Harvest Hill Farms ~ 125 Pigeon Hill Road  ~ Rte 26 ~ Mechanic Falls ~ ME ~ 207-998-3259
Pumpkin Land at Harvest Hill Farms ~ Rte. 26 ~ 125 Pigeon Hill Rd. ~ Mechanic Falls ~ ME 207-998-3259
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The Big Corn Maze
It's Not Just a Walk
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The Big Corn Maze Adventure
The 2013 Big Corn Maze Adventure
Opens Saturday, September 14th!

This is the 6th year that the Farm has featured the corn
maze adventure. The 10-acre cornfield features an
intricate labyrinth of passages in a shape with an
agricultural theme.
Our Corporate Sponsor
The Corn Maze is Now Closed
See you in September of 2014!