Harvest Hill Farm Market
Rte. 26   5 Harvest Hill Way
Mechanic Falls, ME
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Rte 26  5 Harvest Hill Way
Mechanic Falls, Maine
The Advantages of Buying a side
of Range-Fed Beef

1. Healthier Food for your Family
Our animals are naturally grown and  range fed. We do not use
growth hormones, antibiotics or other drugs that are used by large
commercial ranchers to shorten the growth time and to quickly
"fatten" the animal. Our animals are allowed to grow and mature
naturally the way "Mother Nature" originally intended. So your
family gets all of the benefit.

2. Superior quality meat
Our beef is aged longer than that of grocery store ensuring a
much more tender product.

3. Uniformity of product
Commercial ground beef is often produced using meat from
dozens of animals. When you buy a side, the ground beef is
produced from that side which ensures only the best for you and
your family.

4. Support of local business
The fact that buying beef from a local farmer allows you to support
the local farmer, and to support the local butcher. Additionally it
supports land conservation, open space and preserves local

5. Extra Savings
When you purchase a side of beef you will enjoy a bigger savings  
compared to buying our beef a cut at a time.

6. Fewer trips to the grocery store
Plus you no longer have to plan your meals around what’s on sale.

7. Meat is packed to fit your family's specific needs
When you purchase a side of beef, we will assist you in getting it
packaged to specifically fit the needs of your family.
8. Ease of Meal Planning
With a side of beef packaged the way you want it, meal planning is
much easier...you have your own meat market right at home in
your freezer!
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Advantages of Our Beef

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